Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Why Does The Garage Door Close Part Of The Way And Then Re-Open?

The garage door has special equipment which helps prevent injury if it is not functioning correctly. Its safety features can be triggered, which could be causing the door to travel up and down when you don't believe you have triggered the mechanisms.

Check Yourself

If you have a problem with the door going up and down and it is unexplained, you and your family should take extra care when you are around the unit. Don't activate the door unless there are no obstructions in its path. Don't let anyone run under the door as it is closing and don't ever let children play with the remote control.

Check for Outside of the Garage Issues

Interference can come from beyond your garage, since the garage door opener receives a frequency similar to that of a radio station. You could also have old remotes somewhere in the home triggering the signals. Interference could be from changes at military bases, sprinkler timers, airports, power lines, or telephone lines as well as other garage door remotes.

Check the Eye Sensors

Make sure the eye sensors are free of any dirt or debris, so you have a solid light on the sensors. If dirt gets on the lenses or if the sensors are bumped out of alignment, you can have the up and down problem.

Check the Force Setting

Before you make any adjustments, you should determine whether the door opens okay manually. If the door opens and closes okay, you should then check the force setting. The force setting on the remote control might not be set correctly. The unit tells the door opener how much resistance the door needs and will reverse if more is available than necessary.

Check the Opening and Closing Adjusters

Search for internal or external springs that have adjustment screws. Check the owner's manual for the location of the door's adjusters. If you don't have the owner's manual, take the model number and check for the location using the Internet. You can make the adjustments a little at a time.

Make the adjustment by loosening the screws on the shaft collar and press firmly toward the motor with the collar while applying pressure to the retaining ring to tighten the set screws.

If you are dealing with a wacky door you can try some of these pointers, but don't be too discouraged if you can't fix the issue on your own. You can always contact a team of garage door installation and repair professionals who understand your dilemma.