Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Repair A Metal Garage Door That Has Holes And Rust Spots On Its Exterior

If your garage's metal door has small holes and rust spots on its exterior, repair the door's surface by completing the following steps. Afterward, apply a coat of rust inhibiting sealer to the metal to protect it from further damage.


  • a metal cleaning agent
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • epoxy metal repair putty
  • putty knife
  • power sander
  • high grit sandpaper
  • rust dissolving gel
  • paintbrush
  • vinyl drop cloths
  • masking tape
  • can of rust inhibiting sealer
  • mixing stick
  • paint tray
  • paint roller and frame
  • roller extension handle

Clean The Door's Exterior And Fill Holes

Close and secure the garage door so that it does not accidentally open while you are repairing it. Spray a metal cleaning agent on the door's surface. Use a long-handled scrub brush to loosen hardened residue. Use a water hose to rinse the door's surface. Wait for the metal to dry. Insert the tip of a tube of epoxy metal repair putty in each hole before filling the damaged sections. Use one side of a putty knife to smooth out the putty. Wait for the putty to harden. Use a power sander to lightly sand the repaired areas. 

Eliminate Rust And Clean And Rinse Treated Sections

Coat a paintbrush with rust dissolving gel. Spread the gel across corroded metal. Rust will begin to disintegrate after several minutes have passed. Move a handheld scrub brush back and forth over rust spots to assist with removing them. Clean the repaired sections of the door with a metal cleaning agent and rinse the door's surface with a steady stream of water when finished.

Lay vinyl tarps across the section of the ground that is adjacent to the garage door. Use strips of masking tape to cover the door's trim and hardware. Mix the contents of a can of rust inhibiting sealer. Fill a paint tray with sealer.

Apply One Or Two Coats Of Sealer

After securing a paint roller to a roller frame, attach an extension handle to the tool. Dip the paint roller into the tray that is filled with rust inhibiting sealer. Move the roller in straight lines across the door's metal surface. Wait several hours for the sealer to dry. Add a second coat of sealer if you can see spots on the door's surface that were not covered sufficiently with the first coat. Remove the strips of masking tape from the door's surface after the second coat of sealer has dried. 

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