Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Tips For Those Considering Installing Commercial Garage Doors

If your business must regularly receive shipments from large trucks, it can be beneficial to invest in the installation of commercial garage doors as this can significantly improve the ability of your workers to load and unload trucks. However, if you have never had the responsibility of caring for a commercial garage door system, you should keep a few important tips in mind when it concerns these door systems.

Consider Investing In A Secondary Power Source

Having an automatic garage door installed can help to reduce the amount of physical labor that your workers will have to do. However, power outages can prevent you from using them, and this can interfere with your business's ability to meet its basic responsibilities. You will want to install a backup power source for the automatic garage door motor. These power sources can be activated when the power fails so that you can still easily open and close this door when unloading trucks.

Appreciate The Different Maintenance Needs Commercial Garage Door Systems Require

Individuals will frequently make the error of assuming that the maintenance needs of their commercial garage door will be identical to the needs of residential units. However, these doors will frequently experience far more use than residential models, and this can greatly increase the wear and tear that it suffers. Furthermore, these doors are often far larger than basic residential doors, and this can further increase the stress that the garage door motor experience when raising the door. In order to keep your garage door functioning, you may be best served by signing an ongoing service agreement with professional commercial garage door service provider, such as Premier Door Corp.

Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

A garage door can be a common target for thieves and other criminals because it will often be close to the storage area or the business, and this can allow easy access to potentially valuable items. You should invest in a commercial garage door that has a comprehensive locking system. Many automatic garage door systems will include a lock setting that will prevent the garage door from being raised from the outside.

Making the decision to invest in a commercial garage door for your business may help your employees to more easily perform their duties. However, these upgrades are a major investment, and you should consider investing in a secondary power source, sign a service agreement and secure your garage door. Without these proactive steps, you can find yourself facing unforeseen problems when it comes to your business's new garage door.