Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

How To Maintain Wooden Garage Doors

The garage doors are one of the most visual aspects of a house. This reason is why many homeowners choose wood for the material of their choice. Wood is a material that brings out the beauty of your doors but comes with a great deal of upkeep. Read on to find out how to maintain wood doors.

Check For Cracks

Your doors can get wet for a variety of reasons. Fungus and bacteria tend to grow in wet spots that linger. To prevent rot, you want to check for soft spots using a screwdriver. If the tool goes through the surface, then you have to make repairs.

You have to take care of cracks and holes immediately. The holes let in moisture, which weakens your wood. You can chip away at a crack and smooth out the rough edges. This approach protects the structural integrity of the doors.

Buy A New Door Opener

The garage door opener is a component on the door that tends to go bad quickly. If you notice any problems, then you should replace it. It saves on labor fees to get the opener replaced when getting a new garage door.  

Apply a New Coat

Many homeowners apply a variety of products to keep their doors looking it best. These services include painting it, water sealing it and using polyurethane insulation. To keep your doors looking fresh, you would have to apply a new coat of finish. If you have wood damage, then you would make the repairs before applying the finish.

It is also essential that you constantly apply layers of wood stain and varnish. The stain maintains the natural look of the wood and the varnish gives you a professional finish. The varnish also leaves a protective layer over the surface of the wood.

Wood is a difficult material because you have to take care of it. It tends to break down over time.  However, this material is doable. You have to take the steps to preserve your wood, such as checking for termites, rot and repairing the damage.  

It also helps to use a lubricant to keep your door opening and closing. The lubricant goes on the metal parts, such as the rollers, hinges, and tracks.

If you plan to sell your house, then it helps to maintain curb appeal. You can start with your garage. Many maintenance services can be done by homeowners. If you are nervous about doing the work, then you should call in a repair technician. Regular maintenance prevents from having to buy a new door earlier than normal. To learn more, contact a company like Eudy Door Co.