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4 Cost-Saving Overhead Door And Dock Maintenance Tips For Small Operations

The commercial overhead doors and loading docks of your business are important to maintain productivity. These are also areas of businesses that get a lot of abuse, and repairs can be costly. Therefore, it is important to do regular maintenance to help reduce wear and save money on repairs. Here are a few costs saving tips to help with the maintenance needs of commercial overhead doors and loading docks.

1. Making Sure That You Have the Right Door and Dock Equipment

The door and dock equipment for your business is important, and you want to make sure you have the right tools to keep your business productive and save money. For overhead doors, you may want to consider things like curtains if you have a refrigerated storage operation. If there are a lot of trucks that load and unload at your docks, leveler and guide systems are essential to keep them moving and your business productive.

2. Regular Inspections of Doors and Docks to Ensure Safe Work Environment

It is important to inspect the doors and docks of your business regularly. Doing routine reports of conditions of dock equipment and doors will help to catch problems before they become costly repairs or hazards to everyday operations. If you need help with routine inspection, and overhead door service can help with routine inspections and reports for your business's loading docks.

3. Repairs and Regular Maintenance of Door and Dock Equipment When Needed

Eventually, there are going to be repairs that are needed for doors and dock equipment. Things like bumpers and door cover systems may eventually wear out and need to be replaced. There are also the mechanical components of door openers and dock levelers that need regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

4. Improvements to Help Productivity and Improve Safety of Business Operations

There are also improvements that can help with productivity and safety of operations. For example, wheel guides for loading docks can save time when guiding trucks to overhead doors and keep workers safe and out of the way of trucks while they are backing up to docks. There are also other improvements that you may want to consider, such as bumpers for doors and leveler system to improve the tasks of unloading trucks.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance needs of overhead doors and loading docks. If you want to save money on maintenance and repairs, contact an overhead door service for help with regular maintenance to keep your loading docks are always operational.