Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

4 Random Things To Know About Fixing & Replacing Your Garage Door

When it comes to fixing and replacing your garage door, there are lots of different ways you can do so. Here are four random things you should know about fixing your garage door.

#1 Your Garage Door is Paintable

If you don't like how your garage door looks, you can paint it. You can paint your garage door regardless of the material. You can paint a garage door made of wood, steel, or plastic.

When you paint your garage door, use 100-percent acrylic latex paint. Make sure the paint specifically says it is formulated for outside use; this type of paint will hold up best over time.

#2 Sections of Your Garage Door Are Replaceable

Depending on the type of garage door you have, parts of it may be replaceable. For example, if your garage door has folding panels and one panel is crushed or cracked, you may be able to replace a single panel of the garage door. On the other hand, if your garage door is one solid piece of material, without hinges or sections, and part of it is damaged, you are more than likely going to need to replace the entire door.

#3 You Can Increase the Insulation of Your Garage Door

After your garage door is installed, you can increase the insulation level of your garage door if your door doesn't provide enough insulation. This can be achieved by adding insulation to the inside of your garage door. You can add the insulation yourself, or you can hire a professional to attach the insulation to the inside of your garage door. Adding insulation can help better regulate the temperature inside of your garage door throughout the year.

#4 You Can Add Windows

If you originally went with a solid garage door and have decided that you would like a little light added to your garage door, you can add windows to your garage door. A garage door installation service or a window installer can help you with this task. It may be more expensive to add windows to your garage door after the fact than it would have been to purchase a garage door with windows installed from the beginning, but it is doable.

If you don't like how your garage door looks, you can repaint it or add windows. You can add extra insulation to the interior of your garage door. If part of your garage door is damaged, you should be able to replace it. Adding windows after installation is possible as well.