Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Garage Door Systems And Typical Problems You Can Encounter

Garage door repair is common once your system is 10 years old or more. While you can expect a garage door itself to last up to 30 years, the components of your garage door system can break down much earlier and need to be replaced. You might notice that your door doesn't stay all the way open, or your track seems to move too much when opening and closing the door. Loose brackets, debris in the tracks, and problems with your tension springs can all lead to a malfunction of your garage door system. When you see problems with how your door is functioning, call for a garage door repair to determine what is going on with your system.

Your Tension Springs Need Adjustment

Your tension springs hold open your door in the open position, and help your opener by holding the weight of the door as it opens and closes. A door that shuts rapidly means your springs are loose and need to be adjusted. If your door doesn't stay all the way open, it is also loose. Don't touch your tension springs, as they are tightly coiled metal that can hurt you if it snaps. You need a garage door technician to take care of your garage door springs for you.

Tracks Issues and Door Movement

Your garage door might struggle to go up and down the track if the track gets bent, they are uneven because of missing brackets, or if there is something in the track blocking the way. Damage to wheels on your garage door can also make it hard for your door to move up and down. When there are consistent issues with your garage door track and wheels, it's probably time for a new garage door installation.

Frequent System Repairs

Once you need to have garage door repair deal with your garage door system consistently, it's time for a new garage door installation. Repairs get expensive over time, and your system can only last so long anyway. Frequent repairs mean the system is breaking down and you will be better off with a new system over the long term.

Your garage door system can work perfectly one minute, and stop working completely the next time you use it. If you have checked the power to the unit and the tracks are clear, you might not know what is causing the malfunctions. Get the help you need to keep your garage door in good working order. Reach out to a company like Apex Overhead Garage Doors for more information.