Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

Potential Causes For Your Garage Door To Jam

A garage door that is jammed can be a very frustrating problem to encounter. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common issues that can impact your garage door system's performance. There are several issues that can be particularly common reasons for a garage door system to become stuck.

Jammed Rollers

In order for the garage door to be able to open and close, it will rely on a series of rollers to move the door. Unfortunately, dirt and other debris can cause these rollers to become jammed. This will potentially cause the garage door to jam. In addition to causing immediate problems, this could also lead to more substantial damage occurring to the door if you attempt to force it to open. An example of this could be the roller breaking or warping. If this occurs, the only repair option will be to replace the damaged rollers and other components. However, having a professional clean and remove the debris that is jamming the roller will restore the door's performance and mitigate the risk of this further damage occurring.

Lock Failures 

To keep your garage safe and secure, your door system will have locking mechanisms. These can be powerful systems that will make it very difficult for individuals to be able to force the door to open. Unfortunately, the locking components in your garage door system can fail. Depending on the way that they fail, they may cause the door to become jammed. While this can be a frustrating issue to encounter, the manual override from the interior of the garage can typically allow you to open the garage to move any vehicles out of it. However, professional repairs or even a total replacement of the locking system may be necessary to fully restore the functionality of the door.

Corroded Railing Or Rollers

The railing that guides the garage door's rollers may not seem like it could contribute to the door becoming jammed, but it is possible for these tracks to become corroded. If they corrode, the metal can swell in size, which may prevent the rollers from being able to pass through. Regularly inspecting the tracking for signs of corrosion can allow you to find and eliminate this issue before it can become this severe. However, if substantial corrosion has formed on a section of the railing, a professional may need to replace at least that section. Otherwise, the door is likely to repeatedly jam and the corroded section of the railing can continue to weaken until it completely fails.

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