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A Look At Getting A New Garage Door Installed On Your Home

If your garage door is several years old, it may be time to replace it before it finally wears out. A new door will freshen the appearance of your home and the door might even be safer or more energy efficient depending on the model you buy. Here's a look at getting a new garage door installed. Choose The Type Of Door The first step is to choose your new garage door.

Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the largest parts of the exterior of your home, but is also the largest section that can move. This combination of both weather exposure and general movement means that your garage door can be exposed to a significant amount of stress and wear. This can cause your door to begin to degrade over time: understanding some of the warning signs associated with a garage door that needs to be replaced can help you determine when you should talk to a contractor.

4 Cost-Saving Overhead Door And Dock Maintenance Tips For Small Operations

The commercial overhead doors and loading docks of your business are important to maintain productivity. These are also areas of businesses that get a lot of abuse, and repairs can be costly. Therefore, it is important to do regular maintenance to help reduce wear and save money on repairs. Here are a few costs saving tips to help with the maintenance needs of commercial overhead doors and loading docks. 1. Making Sure That You Have the Right Door and Dock Equipment

How To Maintain Wooden Garage Doors

The garage doors are one of the most visual aspects of a house. This reason is why many homeowners choose wood for the material of their choice. Wood is a material that brings out the beauty of your doors but comes with a great deal of upkeep. Read on to find out how to maintain wood doors. Check For Cracks Your doors can get wet for a variety of reasons. Fungus and bacteria tend to grow in wet spots that linger.

Tips For Those Considering Installing Commercial Garage Doors

If your business must regularly receive shipments from large trucks, it can be beneficial to invest in the installation of commercial garage doors as this can significantly improve the ability of your workers to load and unload trucks. However, if you have never had the responsibility of caring for a commercial garage door system, you should keep a few important tips in mind when it concerns these door systems. Consider Investing In A Secondary Power Source

Garage Door Problems? Some Things You Can Fix Yourself

Garage doors are big and very heavy. The springs that are in place to open and close the door are taut and can cause serious injury or damage if not handled properly. All this makes doing your own garage door repairs difficult and hazardous. However, there are some repairs you can do yourself when the door is not working properly. Here are some things to look for. Track Alignment One of the first things you can check is the track alignment.

Building A New House? Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Garage Door

One of the most exciting aspects of building a brand new house is having the ability to choose all of the different features that will go into it.  You get your picks in nearly every part of the construction, from what type of flooring you have, the siding material selection and even the kitchen appliances.  However, while all of the aforementioned items are certainly high on the list of importance, there's another crucial piece that you have to select as well:  The garage door.

Repair A Metal Garage Door That Has Holes And Rust Spots On Its Exterior

If your garage's metal door has small holes and rust spots on its exterior, repair the door's surface by completing the following steps. Afterward, apply a coat of rust inhibiting sealer to the metal to protect it from further damage. Supplies a metal cleaning agent long-handled scrub brush water hose epoxy metal repair putty putty knife power sander high grit sandpaper rust dissolving gel paintbrush vinyl drop cloths masking tape can of rust inhibiting sealer mixing stick paint tray paint roller and frame roller extension handle Clean The Door's Exterior And Fill Holes

Separate But Equal - 4 Tips For Designing The Perfect Detached Garage

Adding a detached garage to your home gives you a chance to add space to the layout and help ensure that both you and potential buyers love the home. But, creating the right look and feel to your garage while marrying it to the house takes a bit of planning ahead. Here are 4 key aspects to building the right way. Don't Let it Detract Generally, a detached garage should sit back from the front entrance and street so as to avoid overpowering the home itself.

Is It Time For A New Garage Door?

Your home's garage door should last a very long time, but if it's been a very long time already, you may have to do some deep thinking about the future of that door. Obviously, if the door is still in good shape and working well, you can keep repairing most problems that occur. But if the door has been having more and more issues, it may be time to replace it.