Building A New House? Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Garage Door

One of the most exciting aspects of building a brand new house is having the ability to choose all of the different features that will go into it.  You get your picks in nearly every part of the construction, from what type of flooring you have, the siding material selection and even the kitchen appliances.  However, while all of the aforementioned items are certainly high on the list of importance, there's another crucial piece that you have to select as well:  The garage door. [Read More]

Repair A Metal Garage Door That Has Holes And Rust Spots On Its Exterior

If your garage's metal door has small holes and rust spots on its exterior, repair the door's surface by completing the following steps. Afterward, apply a coat of rust inhibiting sealer to the metal to protect it from further damage. Supplies a metal cleaning agent long-handled scrub brush water hose epoxy metal repair putty putty knife power sander high grit sandpaper rust dissolving gel paintbrush vinyl drop cloths masking tape can of rust inhibiting sealer mixing stick paint tray paint roller and frame roller extension handle Clean The Door's Exterior And Fill Holes [Read More]

Separate But Equal - 4 Tips For Designing The Perfect Detached Garage

Adding a detached garage to your home gives you a chance to add space to the layout and help ensure that both you and potential buyers love the home. But, creating the right look and feel to your garage while marrying it to the house takes a bit of planning ahead. Here are 4 key aspects to building the right way. Don't Let it Detract Generally, a detached garage should sit back from the front entrance and street so as to avoid overpowering the home itself. [Read More]

Is It Time For A New Garage Door?

Your home's garage door should last a very long time, but if it's been a very long time already, you may have to do some deep thinking about the future of that door. Obviously, if the door is still in good shape and working well, you can keep repairing most problems that occur. But if the door has been having more and more issues, it may be time to replace it. [Read More]