Garage Door Systems And Typical Problems You Can Encounter

Garage door repair is common once your system is 10 years old or more. While you can expect a garage door itself to last up to 30 years, the components of your garage door system can break down much earlier and need to be replaced. You might notice that your door doesn't stay all the way open, or your track seems to move too much when opening and closing the door.

4 Random Things To Know About Fixing & Replacing Your Garage Door

When it comes to fixing and replacing your garage door, there are lots of different ways you can do so. Here are four random things you should know about fixing your garage door. #1 Your Garage Door is Paintable If you don't like how your garage door looks, you can paint it. You can paint your garage door regardless of the material. You can paint a garage door made of wood, steel, or plastic.